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Claims Determination Process 


After you file a claim, the BWC assigns a claim number to the reported injury. The injured worker and employer will receive written notice of the claim number. Claim number assignment does not mean BWC has allowed the claim and medical bills will be paid. It only indicates that an illness or injury has been reported to BWC. Providers will be reimbursed for the treatment of an injured worker only when BWC allows the claim. If BWC disallows the claim, providers will not receive payment for any treatments provided to the injured worker. 

The BWC may ask you to supply additional medical information to help substantiate the claim or clarify medical issues related to the workplace injury. The Law Office of Thomas Tootle will help you with this process.  BWC must obtain evidence from a physician who has examined or treated the employee for the condition. BWC only allows claims for work-related injuries. 

BWC considers both verbal and written documentation before making a decision.  Once it makes a decision, it issues a written legal notice, called a BWC Order. 

An appeal period follows this determination. If the injured worker and the employer agree, and both waive the appeal period, the claim becomes formally allowed. That means medical and compensation benefits can be paid. 


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