Online Resources for Injured Workers

Not so long ago, to look at your claim file you had to make a written request, wait a few days, and show up in person to your local BWC service office. We’ve come a long way. This blog post will identify a few online resources available to the injured worker and discuss some ways you can use them.

The most obvious resource is Ohio BWC’s website, Once you’ve set up your account (and you should), you’ll have complete access to your entire claim file…and then some. Last week, BWC shut down the website for a few days for some new upgrades.

The newest page is under a tab called “My Claim.” Here you can identify your allowed conditions, the last compensation paid, the last medical bills paid, and obtain the contact information for your BWC claims representative. It also includes links to enable you to print a new ID card, view BWC correspondence, view the claim notes, and view your entire claim file. It is an ideal starting place for information.

Did you know that many forms can be completed online? This can be located under the “Forms” tab:


Another useful resource is the Ohio industrial Commission webpage. This page can be used to file or track appeals from hearings:

This page is often the first (and fastest) place to locate the results of your hearing.

I have found that the “Help For Ohio Injured Workers” forum of Workers Compensation is a great place to talk to others going through the same process. I can’t always attest to the validity of the information provided, but it can certainly give you some ideas.

If you can’t answer your questions using these resources, then it may be time to give an experienced attorney a call. Feel free to contact me online or to give my office a call.