Thomas Tootle - Serving Ohio's injured workers since 1993. 

Thomas Tootle founded the Law Offices of Thomas Tootle in 1995 as a firm dedicated to providing a voice for those injured in the course of employment.  His experience includes jury trials, over fifty actions before the Supreme Court of Ohio, over 150 actions before the 10th District Court of Appeals, and weekly appearances on BWC matters before the Industrial Commission of Ohio.  Prior to founding the firm, Tom was an associate with the workers' compensation firm of Schiavoni, Schiavoni and Bush Co., L.P.A. located in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Tom graduated from the University of Akron School of Law in 1993 where he served as a member of The University of Akron Law Review. He received his undergraduate education at The Ohio State University and graduated with a B.A. in 1990. 

Tom was born and raised in Franklin County Ohio. He graduated from Dublin High School in 1986 and continues to reside in the Dublin area. 

Tom is committed to community service. In 2004 he ran for judge of the Tenth District Court of Appeals and secured over 144,000 votes -- 42% of the vote.  He served from 2007 to 2013 as the board president of Camp Sunrise, a summer camp program for children whose lives are impacted by HIV/Aids. 


Getting permanent total disability can be tough. Sometimes, even when you been granted PTD, an employer will continue to fight. The employer's attempt to overturn a favorable PTD decision was unsuccessful in State ex rel. Nationwide Children's Hospital v. Indus. Comm.

Can you be fired for losing your Ohio BWC claim? No, thanks to the Ohio Association for Justice and a brief we authored on its behalf to the Ohio Supreme Court in Onderko v. Sierra Lobo, Inc.

The employer of a disabled worker fired her in 2010 and claimed she could not receive disability compensation as a result. The Industrial Commission agreed even though the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services found her termination lacking "just cause." Our office fought this for four years and overturned this unjust result. State ex rel. Jones v. Indus. Comm.

Sometimes an employer will fire an injured worker to avoid paying disability compensation.  In State ex rel. Bogan v. Indus. Comm. Tom Tootle fought back -- and won.

In one case, the BWC denied an injured fire fighter wage-loss benefits after his injury forced him to take a lower-paying job.  Mr. Tootle appealed to the 10th District Court of Appeals and obtained an order reversing this decision.  The court found the BWC abused its discretion in finding that the fire fighter did not do enough to find a better paying job after his injury and ordered the BWC to re-review the case. State ex rel. Parrish v. Indus. Comm.

Thomas Tootle



When the BWC failed to consider a claimant’s doctor’s report as evidence in a case, and refused to grant him temporary total disability compensation, Tom Tootle appealed.  When the court of appeals agreed with the BWC, Mr. Tootle appealed again.  The case reached The Ohio Supreme Court before the BWC’s decision was vacated.  The Ohio Supreme Court agreed that the BWC should have reviewed the evidence, reversed the Court of Appeal’s decision, and vacated the BWC’s order.  The Supreme Court ordered the BWC to properly consider the doctor’s report – exactly what Mr. Tootle sought for his client.  State ex rel. Thorn v. Indus. Comm.

In another Ohio Supreme Court case, Mr. Tootle fought for a 62 year-old former nurse’s assistant’s right to permanent total disability.  The BWC and the Court of Appeals refused to grant his client’s request, so Mr. Tootle appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court.  The court again agreed with Mr. Tootle and reversed the Court of Appeal’s decision and vacated the BWC’s decision.  The Court ordered the BWC to re-review the case.  State ex rel. Hayes v. Indus. Comm.

When The Ohio State University attempted to overturn an injured worker’s BWC order granting temporary total disability, Mr. Tootle fought back.  On appeal to the 10th District Court of Appeals, Mr. Tootle successfully argued the BWC’s decision was correct and the claimant entitled to temporary total disability compensation.  State ex rel. The Ohio State University v. Indus. Comm.

Tom Tootle fights hard for injured workers.  If you have been injured on the job, or have contracted a disease at work, call Mr. Tootle today.

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